Hi, I’m Merissa V. Grayson.

I’m known as America’s Blended Family Expert, a role I didn’t seek, but one that I’m honored to serve in. I am also a Wife, Mom, and Stepmom who just so happens to be a not-so-average Lawyer (named by Black Enterprise as one of the “Top 10 Black Female Attorneys You Should Know.”), AuthorSpeaker, Mediator, and Divided/Blended Family Coach with a ridiculous passion for inspiring, educating, and helping divided and blended families create a house full of harmony – sometimes we call that peace!

Part of becoming an expert comes from personal experience.  As a stepmom, my husband and I co-parent daily with my stepson’s mother. But, trust me – it has been a journey. We’ve been through ups and downs, fights and frustrations, confusion, sadness, and admittedly even anger that can surround divided and blended families. So, when I say, “You’re not alone and I understand where you are,” . . .  I mean it.  But, after more than eight years of trial and error, I have figured out the most practical methods to co-parent successfully, even when it seems impossible.  Each day I share with others how to implement these methods into their daily lives, so that like my situation, your situations can drastically change and you can experience what feels like magic – two homes filled with peace and love.

In everything I do, my goal is to transform families and lives around the world!

The flip side of becoming an expert comes from professional experience.  As a Family Law Attorney, I help my clients resolve their legal problems related to child custody, child support, or divorce by collaborating and representing them in court.  As a Certified Family Law Mediator, I help parents work together to reach an agreement that works best for their divided family.  And as a Co-parenting coach, I provide guidance and set goals to help parents move forward and smoothly transition or peacefully exist as a divided/blended family.

Passionate about educating and inspiring people, I’m frequently invited to speak at conferences, workshops, schools, churches, legal clinics, non-profits, and many other organizations on topics related to family, business, and self-development.  As an author, my focus has been on writing books that shed light on the different issues that commonly have a negative impact on individuals and their families. In addition, I facilitate educational and legal seminars and workshops to raise awareness throughout the community and to encourage individuals to be proactive in their personal and legal affairs. I speak on topics related to law (of course), divided/blended family dynamics and management, Entrepreneurship, mastering your mindset, and self-reflection.

I strongly believe that the more you know, the more informed and empowered decisions you will make. The more informed decisions you make, the better your ability to prevent, manage, and/or resolve those little (or big) unanticipated issues that inevitably arise in life.


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