Harmonious Divided/Blended family living is a skill to be mastered

Parents of divided/blended families often face several issues that are simply inevitable; especially if the parents aren’t on the same page, or don’t have the proper mindset, plan, or tools needed to co-parent successfully. Unresolved differences and ill feelings between parents can detrimentally affect the children involved.

As a divided/blended family coach, I work with parents individually or collectively, utilizing both my personal and professional experiences to help them set aside frustration, anger, and other negative thoughts, focus on new possibilities, begin a new chapter in their life, and consciously co-parent peacefully.

My coaching clients benefit from assistance with setting goals for their divided family, and guidance in managing those goals while simultaneously tackling issues such as getting along with their child’s other parent (or step-parent), creating parenting plans, handling child support issues, and other facets of blended family living.

Divided/Blended Family coaching is perfect for parents who:

  • Are having difficulty co-parenting with the other parent and need help turning things around

  • Are going thru a legal dispute related to child custody, visitation, support, and don’t understand the process, know what to expect, or how to react to certain issues.

  • Are transitioning into a blended family and having a hard time making it cohesive

  • Are or will soon be a stepparent and are having a hard time dealing with the child’s other parent or the child.

  • Are emotionally exhausted, need sensible guidance and advice and don’t want to burden friends and family with problems

  • Need someone who will not only listen to them vent frustrations, but will also give practical tools to effectively resolve their problems

  • Are stressed out because of issues that keep arising with the other parent and don’t know what to do next to protect their children’s interests

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