Single Mom Intensive: The Business of Co-Parenting

Do you feel like you and your child’s father just aren’t on the same page despite your efforts?

Are you disagreeing so often on issues related to your child that the important issues become lost and unresolved?

Even though you’re constantly praying for peace, does it feel like the drama will NEVER end?

Every week I work with moms who have had enough…they are frustrated, tired, and don’t wan’t to deal with their child’s father who seems to be making their life more complicated than necessary.

That’s where my course, “The Business of Co-Parenting”- for single moms, comes in.


I have discovered that the most effective way to manage your divided/blended family and keep everyone and everything running smoothly is to manage it as if you were managing a business.

Every well-established business has a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  The CEO’s main responsibility is to act as a leader, director, and decision maker.  In order to master the business of co-parenting, you must become the CEO of your family.  You must know how to take control of a negative or taxing co-parenting situation and redirect it into a markedly more positive direction.  By taking the business – approach, as opposed to an emotional approach, you will clearly focus on the task at hand- to protect the most important asset of your business, YOUR CHILD.

In this course, we will discuss:

  • Mastering the dynamics of a divided family and everyone involved, starting with yourself
  • Understanding Him: the type of father you are dealing with from deadbeats to active dads, his probable perspective, and how to interact accordingly.
  • Adjusting to new things: new schedules, new home life, his new woman, and your new man.
  • The legal way: how to protect your family from unnecessary interruptions & prevent/deal with unnecessary problems via the legal system.
  • The 5 co-parenting actions you must commit to, to progress into divided/blended family harmony.
  • And more!

You will also receive a free Co-Parenting Business Workbook.

And as a BONUS, you’ll get a FREE copy (E-book version) of my book, The Business of Co-Parenting for Single Moms 3d book cover paperback


Time: 10am-11:30am PST , Cost: $49


As a Family Law Attorney, Mediator, Co-parenting coach who is also a wife and step-parent, I have been through the ups and downs, fights and frustrations, confusion, sadness, and admittedly even anger that can surround divided and blended families. So, when I say, “You’re not alone and I understand where you are,” . . .  I mean it.

But, after more than eight years of personal trial and error, I have figured out the most practical methods to co-parent successfully, even when it seems impossible. Each day I share with others how to implement these methods into their daily lives, so that like my situation, your situations can drastically change and you can experience the co-parenting peace you deserve forever.

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