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Passionate about educating and inspiring people, I’m frequently invited to speak at conferences, workshops,  schools, churches, legal clinics, non-profits, and many other organizations.

I also produce educational and legal seminars and workshops monthly in an effort to raise awareness throughout the community and to encourage individuals to be proactive in their personal and business affairs.

I’m available to speak on topics related to all facets of blended family living, the art of co-parenting, and navigating the legal system in child custody and family law cases.

I also often speak on Entrepreneurship, mastering your mindset, and self-reflection.

***To tailor an engagement for your organization, please call (310) 321-4617.

Speaking Topics

The Business of Co-Parenting: for MOMS only

This seminar is perfect for single (and even re-married) moms looking for solutions! Participants join me for an intimate discussion between a small group of single moms during which we will discuss practical solutions to common problems many single moms face including:

  • lack of support;
  • emotional breakdowns, and overcoming ill feelings;
  • dealing with deadbeat dads;
  • resolving inconsistency;
  • custody disputes and more.

The Business of Co-Parenting

This seminar is perfect for all parents of divided/blended families! Participants join me for an open discussion about the many common problems that divided/blended families face and practical solutions to overcome them.  Discussing the different perspectives and positions of moms, fathers, and stepparents, I elaborate  on the principles in my three -part book series, The Business of Co-Parenting, in order to help participants understand the mindset, actions, and tools needed in order to take control of their co-parenting woes, work together as a cohesive blended family unit for the best interest of their children, and finally live in PEACE!

The Business of Co-Parenting: for DADS only

This seminar is perfect for both single and non-custodial fathers.  Participants join me for an intimate discussion between a small group of dads during which we will discuss practical solutions to problems that many fathers of divided families face including:

  • denied visitation and alienation from their child;
  • angry and “irrational” moms;
  • stepping out of the “deadbeat” zone;
  • establishing rights as a father;
  • custody, support and visitation disputes, and more.

The Child Support System

In this seminar for parents of divided families, I answer many common questions related to child support including, how to spend time with your child even when you are unable to pay child support, how to lower or raise the amount of child support you pay or receive, how support is calculated, how to enforce a child support order, and more.

Child Custody & Visitation

In this seminar for parents of divided families, I answer many common questions related to child custody and visitation including, how to get custody/visitation of child(ren), tips on how to reduce the conflict/drama between you and the other parent by obtaining a specific court order, how to co-parent effectively, how to enforce your rights to see your child, and more.

Most Requested Events

  • Focus Groups for Blended Families
  • Non-profit events
  • Legal Clinics
  • Church ministry events and outreach
  • Keynotes & Break-out Sessions
  • Motivational/Inspirational Speaker
  • High School assemblies and college bound programs
  • College Organization events
  • Entrepreneur Panels, Seminars, and Workshops

What You Can Expect From Me

My primary goal is to engage audiences and encourage them to self-reflect.   Attendees will walk away inspired, feeling more in control of their destiny, and ready to take action as necessary in order to achieve success as defined and desired by them.

As your speaker, you can expect:

  • Prompt, professional correspondence via phone and/or email.
  • A phone consultation prior to your event to discuss your event goals.
  • An announcement about your event via my blog, social media networks, and newsletter. (If your event is open to the public.)
  • A professionally prepared, dynamic presentation that consists of transparent story telling (as I only speak on topics of which I have personal knowledge), and is engaging, informative, and entertaining (because nobody wants to listen to a boring lecture).


Previous Engagements


I have contributed as an expert in editorials and on various panels. I am available for news, television, and radio segments. Book me for your expert panel needs.

If you are a reporter, producer or booking agent on a tight deadline, please call 310-321-4617.

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