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Numerous studies have been conducted across decades on the effects living in a divided or blended family have on children. The unwavering consensus is – Children who live in divided or blended families face greater risks than their counterparts. Among other things, they are more likely to drop out of school, abuse drugs and alcohol, have greater and earlier sexual activity, experience incarceration and teenage pregnancy, and need psychological counseling.

“America’s Blended Family Expert,” Merissa V. Grayson, understands that with the right mindset and action, you can ensure that your children avoid these risks and thrive in spite of the fact that their parents live in two separate homes.

In, “The Business of Co-Parenting” series, Merissa teaches her Business Model Mindset; a way of thinking that is goal based, action oriented, less emotional and focuses on choosing your battles wisely in order to ensure the protection and growth of your most important asset, your child.

Individual book blurbs

“The Business of Co-Parenting for Moms” shares effective solutions to the problems many moms face including:

  • lack of support,

  • emotional breakdowns,

  • anger and frustration,

  • deadbeat dads,

  • inconsistent visits,

  • custody disputes,

  • co-parenting after abuse,

  • and more.

“The Business of Co-Parenting for Dads” outlines practical ways to handle the difficulties fathers commonly experience including:

  • denied visitation,

  • alienation from their child,

  • angry and “irrational” moms,

  • custody, support and visitation disputes,

  • stepping out of the “deadbeat” zone,

  • domestic violence,

  • and more.

“The Business of Co-Parenting for Dads” outlines practical ways to handle the difficulties fathers commonly experience including:

  • supporting their spouse,

  • being the outsider stepping in,

  • bonding with their stepchild,

  • step child alienation,

  • establishing a respectable rapport with the other parent,

  • being the neutral party,

  • stepparent rights,

  • and more


Merissa V. Grayson is a dynamic and driven Lawyer, Author, Speaker, Mediator and Parenting coach.

The Author of “The Business of Co-Parenting,” a ground-breaking 3-part series written for parents of Divided & Blended Families who are struggling to co-parent cooperatively and peacefully, Merissa has built a reputation as “America’s Blended Family Expert,” helping separated and stepparents navigate the dynamics of Divided & Blended family relationships and principles to build a better future for their families.

Merissa’s background stems not only from her professional experience as a highly sought after Child Custody & Family Law Attorney, but also from her experience as a Wife and Stepmother who has personally disentangled the difficult challenges that often come with the territory of divided & blended family living.

Understanding the importance of having a cohesive family unit, through her law practice, mediation, and coaching services, Merissa has dedicated her life to helping families around the country tackle similar challenges by truly walking them through positive transformations to help them gain the lifestyle and peace of mind they deserve.


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Sample Interview Questions

-Your book series is called “The BUSINESS of Co-Parenting” and references many business terms throughout. What exactly is The Business of Co-Parenting?

-You talk about statistics and the fact that children in divided and blended families face greater negative risks than children who are raised in more “traditional” families, why do you think that is?

-Why do you think so many parents have a hard time co-parenting successfully?

-When parents separate or get married to someone other than the other parent, what are some key things they can do to best help their children with the transition?

-Why did you write “The Business of Co-Parenting?” and specifically, why an entire series for Moms, Dads, and Stepparents?

-In your book series you talk about the importance of using deliberate and cohesive “blended family language” …what do you mean by that?

-The book for stepparents is subtitled “How to responsibly invest in your blended family & build harmony.” What do you mean by “responsibly invest”?

-In the book series, you talk about choosing battles wisely and “avoiding war.” How do parents avoid war when they don’t see eye-to-eye?

-How can a parent handle a situation where, no matter how hard they try to be peaceful, the other parent insists on and initiates conflict?

-What should parents consider when introducing their new significant others to their children?

-In your book series, you mention the importance of “checking your 3rd party relationships” to protect your family…what exactly does that mean and why is it important?

-What’s the best way to prevent child custody/co-parenting disputes?

-What steps can a parent who wants to establish a relationship with their child take if they don’t know where they are?

-What steps can a father who is, what you refer to as “being in the deadbeat zone” take to connect with his children and establish a positive relationship with them?

-What kind of impact does being raised without a father have on children?

-When it comes to child support, which is always a hot topic: If a parent doesn’t pay child support, are they still entitled to see their children? And vice versa?

-What is the most important thing parents of divided/blended families should know about their children?

-How can a new stepparent establish a positive relationship (or at least a respectable one) with the child’s other parent?

-Explain the “5 C’s of Co-Parenting.”

-What is mediation and how can that help parents of divided/blended families?

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